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Vajira House Builders - Colombo
Name: Vajira House Builders
Description: We build Houses on your land, anywhere in Sri Lanka, to suit your budget and requirements
Vajira House Builders have been in the Sri Lankan construction field for 96 years. Since experience is absolutely vital for the true practitioner of this profession, you will be happy to note the fact that we are strengthened in every aspect of construction by that invaluable experience gained over nine decades-from houses to other buildings, with designs ranging from modern to vintage style We have an in-depth knowledge of every innovation which has been introduced over the years. This is why we can give you a 20 year guarantee on the structures of the house.
Contact: Vajira House Builders
TP: 0112 580 333, 0112 580 332,0112 508 256
Address: Vajira House Builders (Pvt) Ltd. No 4, Vajira road, Colombo 04, Sri Lanka.
DistrictCode: Colombo
ServiceType: Building Contractors
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